Designer & Brand Networks

The Support network for Designers and Brands

Through observation, we noticed a big gap in the industry - Our amazing and talented designers lack the Digital, Public Relations and Business Development support.

Developing brands and designers do not have the funds and means to grow their brands in the media space by obtaining private Public Relations & Media agencies.

In 2019, KGS Lifestyle Designer and Brand Network came to life. This network is aimed at sharing opportunities of growth for our creatives -which includes media alerts for features and business tips at no cost to our designers. Our network grows on a daily.

Become part of our sourcing network for projects and shoots


STEP 1: Brief to designer
We share the project brief and treatment

STEP 2: Selection of items
We go to view and select items that would be suitable for the project, sign an agreement that states:

A). List of items and value: We often sell items on set for them.

B). Sourcing Fee: We borrow/lend/source items at a fee to ensure a unique look & feel for our clients. We ensure that with each project we have a budget to give to our suppliers (“Sourcing Budget”). We don’t believe in collecting/borrowing their intellectual property for “Just exposure”. It took time and resources to construct the garments, if we are not buying them, the least we can do is give some sort of monetary value to them.

We also take the garments to dry cleaning. And pay full value of the garments should they be stolen, lost or damaged.

C). Tagging details: As much as we pay a sourcing fee, intellectual property and their talents deserve to be honoured. We ensure we tag all our suppliers in the pictures we post with their garments.

D). Added Value: We have a designated BTS photographer as part of the team, therefore provide them with Hi-Res images for their use

STEP 3: Returns of garments
As per arrangement in a timely scale. We know and understand that when items are off their display wall or window = no sales. Therefore, it’s important to return items on time and in the conditioned sourced.

STEP 4: Posts online
When the project is released, we can then post pictures and tag them.


As part of our PR offering we often maintain our relations with media with a little ‘Thank You’. With each press drop, a brief will be communicated, should they be interested to place any of their products in the gifting to gain relations with media.

Please note our preference is local designers and brands - we limit opportunities and endorsement to non-local suppliers.

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